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Pre-sale Service
1 salescialist at the franchies shop will warmly receive each customer and advise them on the products.
2 specialist engineers and designers will make a through study and produce an optimun design option based on specific customer requirements, layout and style as well as the struvture and pipe routing. this ensures the kichen furniture is in harmony with the entire furnishing.
3 flane will send personnel to measure the water inlet and drain positions on site and make recommendations on for power outler prowisions and pipe alterations.
Installation Service
1 all installation personnel are well trained in kitchen furniture manufacturing and have proper experience with major installation works.
2 use of professional installing tools, and service vehicles with uniform sign; proper housekeeping on site.
Acceptance Test
kitchen furmiture products are guaranteed to fully conform with the samples in terms of quantity, quality, function, metal fittings, color, countertop, knob, accessories, packing and so on.
Each unit of kitchen furiture is ready for use as soon as installed (thanks to the metal fittings).
Sizes of installed kitchen furiture are guaranteed to comply with thoes specified in purchase contract.
flame provides the operating and maintenance instructions for its products and is responsible for offering system function demonstration.
provided that the customer uses the properly ,flame offers one-year free warranty for the purchased kitchen furniture
as from the date of invoice
a service hotline is available 24 hours a day to ensure any problems with users are solved at 48 hours' motice.Regular visits are paid to users so that they are free from whatever concern.

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