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Test chamber of the failure analysis and solutions: E-mail:
Update time :2010-9-20
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Test chamber of the failure analysis and solutions:

1, constant temperature and humidity chamber tests in hot and humid to do, there will be the actual humidity of 100% humidity with the target or actual humidity vary greatly, the low value

A lot, the former phenomenon: the ball may be wet gauze on the drying sensor caused it to check the wet bulb sensor tank is dry, water tank

The water level is automatically controlled by a water level controller, check whether the water level controller, the normal water supply system, water level controller is working correctly. Another

One possibility was the use of wet gauze ball a long time, or the purity of water quality reasons, would gauze hardens, so that can not absorb moisture and dry gauze

As long as replacement or clean gauze over the phenomenon can be ruled out. The latter phenomenon is the test chamber of the humidification system does not work, view the humidification system

System of water supply systems, water supply system have a certain amount of water, the water level of boiler water level control humidification control is normal, humidification boiler water level is

Not normal. If these things are normal, it should check the electrical control system, which should please the professional maintenance personnel overhaul.

2, test chamber during the trial operation of equipment suddenly fails, control instruments on the corresponding failure occurs displays a prompt and a voice report

Police tips. Operator can control the operation of equipment used in the chapter on troubleshooting to quickly check out which type fault, you can please Professionals

Rapid troubleshooting to ensure that the test correctly. Other environmental testing equipment in use there will be other phenomena, then to the specific phenomenon, with

Body analysis and exclusion.

3, in the high temperature tests, such as temperature changes reach test temperature, you can check the electrical system, one by one to troubleshoot. Such as the test chamber

Temperature to rise slowly, we should see the wind circulation, look at the regulation of air circulation baffle is turned on normally, otherwise, check the wind on the operation of motor cycle

Change is normal. Such as severe temperature overshoot tuning PID then need to set parameters. If the temperature rise directly, over-temperature protection, then the controller

The failure to replace the control instrument.

4, when the constant temperature and humidity test chamber reach the target temperature, you should monitor the temperature change is very slow temperature drop or temperature to a certain

Value after the temperature tends to increase, the former should check to do before the test whether low-temperature drying workshop, so studios will keep dry and then test

Do test samples into the studio, work room is placed over the test sample, so that indoor air can not work full circle, the exclusion of the

After the above reasons, we must consider whether the failure of the refrigeration system, this would be for manufacturers maintenance professionals. The latter phenomenon is the constant temperature

Wet chamber of the equipment due to poor environment, equipment placed in the ambient temperature, place (after the wall box distance) to meet the requirements (in

Operation of equipment for use in both provisions).
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Test chamber of the failure analysis and solutions:
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