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Update time :2010-9-10
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Low magnification of use

(1) to film and place: microscope usually kept in the cabinet or box, with the removal from the cabinet, right hand clenched arm mirror, mirror base which supported the left hand, his left shoulder in front of the microscope on the experimental table, mirror Block 7 cm back from the table is appropriate, easy to operate.

(2) light: with the thumb and middle finger moving rotator (avoid hand-held lens movement), so that the lower fold mirror aligned Mirror's through light hole (knocking sound when turning hear the collision, the note tube lens optical axis has been aligned Centre). Adjust for the larger aperture and light steering mirror, the left eye in the eyepiece on the observation (right eye opened), while adjusting mirrors the yaw angle, until the vision appeared in a bright spot so far.

(3) place the specimen slide: Take a specimen slide on the microscope stage, must make a coverslip side up, must not be placed against, with pressure film clip grip, then move the slide, will have to be observed transferred within the site vision.

(4) adjust the focus: the counter-clockwise rotation by left-handed spiral of crude quasi-focus, so that objective lens from the tube slowly ground down to about 5 mm specimen film should pay attention to when in the down tube, not observed in the eyepiece. Looked at from the right of the tube must decrease, so as not to fall over, causing damage to the lens or the specimen film. Then, at the same time opened his eyes, observed with the left eye in the eyepiece, slowly turn the left hand clockwise spiral of crude quasi-focus, so that tube down slowly until a clear view images appear far.

If the images are not vision center, can move the slide, the location will be transferred to be observed within the field of view. (Note that the slide direction and vision moving images move in the opposite direction). Inappropriate if the brightness field of vision, by adjusting the aperture size can be adjusted, if adjusted focal length, mirror stand down over the working distance (> 5.40mm) but have not seen images, this operation fails Yueming be reopened and operations , must not hurry up blindly Mirror.

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Low magnification of use
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