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Particle flow furnace Product Features E-mail:
Update time :2010-12-14
::Latest News::
Particle flow furnace Product Features: 
High quality heat-resistant steel (1200 ~ 1250 degrees) the furnace, the whole fiber insulation, long life, low maintenance costs. 
Fast heating (from room temperature to rise to 900 degrees <1h), open stop flexible, can take advantage of low power production, saving significant material consumption is very low. 
3. For the amount of large parts, complex shape, size differences, and easy to deform, easy to crack, the surface quality requirements of various types of machinery, metal mold 
Tools, auto parts and other parts heat treatment. Meanwhile heat a variety of tool and die, free to single (multi) oven baked pieces of equipment. The protection of its own gas
Atmosphere heated to smooth the surface, the deformation is small, easy to crack does not rust. 
4. Production environment clean, stable quality, the production of slag and cleaning without oxygen, moisture directly into the furnace heating parts, will not cause explosion 
Splash. Shorten the production cycle, reducing process costs, improve production efficiency. Non-toxic gas, waste water and waste hazards. Tools used in particle 
A permanent, without replacement, safe and reliable. Operating costs are lower than the vacuum furnace and controlled atmosphere furnace, short payback period. Compared with the salt furnace, 
Consolidated operating costs only salt furnace 3 / 4 to 4 / 5. 
5. The power consumption per ton of parts, from room temperature to 850 degrees (including 45 # steel working parts, other parts, quenching, tempering, according to the workshop 
Out) only 150-200 degrees. Consumption of graphite per ton of about 30KG, Often, production 500 t parts, need to replace a graphite powder.

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Particle flow furnace Product Features
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