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Uneven pressure caused by heat sealing What are the reasons E-mail:
Update time :2010-11-23
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Uneven pressure caused by heat sealing What are the reasons? 

① sealing blade deformation. Sealing knives generally use aluminum or copper heat transfer is made good, and maybe has different materials are relatively soft materials, so the installation of sealing knife, if you tighten the screws the wrong way, it will Shouli Bu causing sealing blade evenly, after the tool change frequently and causing sealing blade deformation. 

② low precision machined sealing knife. Sealing knife precision machining tool surface low will cause uneven heat seal, so that the heat sealing process, it will cause uneven pressure sealing, thus affecting the 复合包装袋 the seal strength. 

③ surface sealing knife sticking dirty or injured. Sealing blade surface sticky surface of stolen goods or bumps, scratches, also cause uneven pressure sealing, combined with molten resin stick to the sealing surface is not cleared up knife, but also will affect the seal strength 

④ silicone skin hardness and strength. Silicone skin quality is to ensure uniform sealing pressure on the most important conditions. 
Sealing times have any effect on the seal? 
In order to get a good sealing effect, required to achieve sealing at least two more times. style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: rgb(235,239,249)" onmouseout="'#fff'">Reprinted please reference: Dongfeng Mold

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Uneven pressure caused by heat sealing What are the reasons
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