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Moisture Analyzers test error of E-mail:
Update time :2010-10-7
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Moisture Analyzers test error of
1, after different types of rapid moisture analyzer tests on the same sample, the results of the error in the normal range, so the basic rule of the instrument

Control the accuracy of the doubt.

2, asked in detail about the test results with other users of water there is error, found the other test method is to use the Karl Fischer method or Coulomb method to measure the capacity

Test samples of the water. The result is often low.

3, the user can not determine whether the addition of water samples, there are still other volatile solvents.

In summary, our users exist in the process of sample testing error, the basic reason is that the sample of users in addition to water, but also there are other

Volatile solvent, while, according to the different test temperatures, there will be various other changes.

We know that infrared or Halogen Moisture Analyzers test principle is heating weight loss method is by heating to a certain temperature, volatile samples

Water, which functions according to the calculation of electronic balance, calculate the percentage content of water samples, the results and accuracy are based on the precision electronic balance may be

Of course, the rate of heating, uniformity, it can certainly affect the accuracy of water samples tested. At present, the halogen heater heating rate

Owners and uniformity of heating methods are preferred in the infrared, the price is also not much difference, Halogen Moisture Analyzers gradually be promoted.

If there are other samples of volatile solvents, we evaporation of water in the heating, but also one of the volatile solvent evaporation, so the weight loss

Does not represent some of the exact moisture content, so this time, with fast water samples was determined by measuring the moisture is not accurate, volatile

Solvent content is higher, the greater the error.

If that happens, we recommend using Karl Fisher titration or coulometric method for testing water samples, because only in Karl Fischer reagent

Water chemical reaction, thus avoiding the testing of other solvents on the water content of samples. In this way the result of the test should be

Accurate, of course, according to the different properties of solid samples can be taken different ways. If the sample was dissolved in methanol, using the capacity that is relatively

Convenient method. If the solid sample is not soluble in methanol, using the Coulomb law, plus other equipment used in conjunction with the solid gasification.

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Moisture Analyzers test error of
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